More Portrait Testing

Before I got my hands on the Sony A6000, I had gotten by for a few years using my trusty little mirror less Sony NEX 5N. Using the E-Mount lens, I was able to attach the Rokinon 85MM 1.4 Portrait lens and go to town. My daughter and I took a drive down near the river in Yukon to take some photos. Overall I was pretty impressed by the quality of the shots, and I think I’ll be handling my daughters senior portraits. Continue reading “More Portrait Testing”


Practice Portraits

I guess that the best way to test an affordable and non familiar lens would be to just make it happen. Friends and family are always willing to help out, so little King here will make a great subject. Dressed up in his wee Woody Halloween costume, we set up a spot on the floor and went to it. I figured that with natural sunlight, and indoor lighting would help brighten up the pictures, and that with some post editing, I could really nail what I was wanting to see. Continue reading “Practice Portraits”