More Portrait Testing

Before I got my hands on the Sony A6000, I had gotten by for a few years using my trusty little mirror less Sony NEX 5N. Using the E-Mount lens, I was able to attach the Rokinon 85MM 1.4 Portrait lens and go to town. My daughter and I took a drive down near the river in Yukon to take some photos. Overall I was pretty impressed by the quality of the shots, and I think I’ll be handling my daughters senior portraits. Continue reading “More Portrait Testing”


Day of the DEAD!

Halloween can be fun, but really isn’t something I look forward to as much as The Day of the Dead. Or, ‘Dia De Los Muertos‘. I hope I spelled that correctly! In my neck of the woodsΒ whichΒ hasn’t been part of the US for veryΒ long, old Mexican traditions are still celebrated. I’m not a writer, so I’ll Β let you do the research on this wonderful tradition. If you hear about local celebrations of the Day of the Dead, just be aware that it really has nothing to do with Halloween, and that you should probably check it out! πŸ’€ Continue reading “Day of the DEAD!”