5K iMac Madness

My new iMac is an incredible machine, but in the same way that all my past macs were incredible.Β It does the work I need it to do, with limited to no issues at all. The large screen real-estate is always welcomed, and now with the super high resolution, it makes my life even easier… BUT Continue reading “5K iMac Madness”


5K iMac cause I can.

Every time I stepped foot in to our name brand electronics store, I would instinctevely make my way towards the latest Apple products neatly arranged for my viewing pleasure. How can you not be interested in the latest Macs just sitting there waiting to lure you in to paying top dollar for the latest in design and function. This is where I can almost hear those die hard PC fans moaning and groaning about the Apple tax people like myselfΒ are more than willing to doll out for a reliable machine. YES, yes I am aware of the trendy tax! That being said, I like to think of that Apple area as a mini geek’s playground! You get to click on the keyboards.. you get to swipe on the glass surfaces! You get to imagine how lovely these babies would look on your, desperate for an upgrade, work station. I fall for it every time!

Continue reading “5K iMac cause I can.”