Sunset in Southern New Mexico

Making the most of a meh day, I impulsively turned my car in to an open lot to capture the sky on fire. I like to tell people to stop and smell the flowers, but sometimes I get so caught up in just speeding home for no real reason. Worth it! Continue reading “Sunset in Southern New Mexico”


Practice Portraits

I guess that the best way to test an affordable and non familiar lens would be to just make it happen. Friends and family are always willing to help out, so little King here will make a great subject. Dressed up in his wee Woody Halloween costume, we set up a spot on the floor and went to it. I figured that with natural sunlight, and indoor lighting would help brighten up the pictures, and that with some post editing, I could really nail what I was wanting to see. Continue reading “Practice Portraits”

Day of the DEAD!

Halloween can be fun, but really isn’t something I look forward to as much as The Day of the Dead. Or, ‘Dia De Los Muertos‘. I hope I spelled that correctly! In my neck of the woodsย whichย hasn’t been part of the US for veryย long, old Mexican traditions are still celebrated. I’m not a writer, so I’ll ย let you do the research on this wonderful tradition. If you hear about local celebrations of the Day of the Dead, just be aware that it really has nothing to do with Halloween, and that you should probably check it out! ๐Ÿ’€ Continue reading “Day of the DEAD!”

Special time of year!

Maybe it’s the cooling off of the weather, or the anticipation of Halloween, but when fall arrives everything seems more interesting. I’m not the best in the heat, and there’s nothing quite like snuggling up to keep warm. I have the advantage of only having to suffer through mild winters in the Southwest, but I’ve been around a bit. I’m well aware of the sub zero temperatures in places like Denver, or the ice storms in Oklahoma City. If I spend the entire winter in Southern New Mexico, I may have little need for a proper jacket. We also don’t have the colorful changes of foliage in this region, which can be a challenge for photo takers such as myself, when you’re trying to highlife the local scenery. Whatever happens, however, this fall & winter season, I’m always waiting to see what I can share in pictures. Continue reading “Special time of year!”

The MacBook Moves Ahead!

I’m sure there were plenty of people glued to the screen, as the latest Apple live stream rolled out across the inter-webs. I was eager to see what they’ve been up to with the beloved MacBook Pro line of notebooks. How amazing it is to witness technology move ahead so rapidly, and how refreshing to have a company un-apologetically guide users forward. With the release of the 2015 MacBook, there was no shortage of complaints about the lack of ports on the super light laptop, but that type of griping is not unusual. The tech blogs, and Facebook feed lit up with the all too familiar moans and groans about how Apple has made the mistake of reducing it’s products to very few ports for peripherals. Continue reading “The MacBook Moves Ahead!”