The MacBook Moves Ahead!

I’m sure there were plenty of people glued to the screen, as the latest Apple live stream rolled out across the inter-webs. I was eager to see what they’ve been up to with the beloved MacBook Pro line of notebooks. How amazing it is to witness technology move ahead so rapidly, and how refreshing to have a company un-apologetically guide users forward. With the release of the 2015 MacBook, there was no shortage of complaints about the lack of ports on the super light laptop, but that type of griping is not unusual. The tech blogs, and Facebook feed lit up with the all too familiar moans and groans about how Apple has made the mistake of reducing it’s products to very few ports for peripherals.

2015 MacBook
2015 Retina 12″ MacBook

Didn’t take that long of the pointless negative hype to die out though, and we all went back to work as usual. After having used the predecessor to the most recent 2016 MacBook Pro, I can confidently say that this machine, which was set up for mostly wireless production, has had very little problems. From initial setup & restore/migration over wifi, to my day to day photo edits, web design, video editing and other tasks, this little mighty laptop has been a stable beast!

Nothing is perfect however, and I did have to purchase separate apple and third party USB type C adapters, to connect to old devices (to move backwards). The point is to eventually migrate away from the old methods of working of course. Old habits are definitely hard to break, but so far I’ve managed to set myself up on ‘mostly’ cloud backup services, and have all of my mobile devices communicating with each other by one wireless means or another. When it comes to shooting photos out in the middle of nowhere, and needing to transfer those files to my phone, Sony has made the wifi sharing feature relatively painless.

As for the newest line of MacBooks, I can’t wait to get my hands on one. If it’s anything like the 2015 Macbooks, it will be light, powerful and fast! Well done Apple!

2016 MacBook Pro
2016 MacBook Pro