The Case for Returning Tech

Every time I walk in to my local Best-buy store, I can only imagine what the employees must think of my habit of returning tech. I mean, it’s not an exaggeration when I say that I must return MOST of the things that I buy and try. Perhaps in some way I might be overdoing it, but until someone actually tells me to stop, I will continue to exercise my right to take it back if I’m not 100% happy! Continue reading “The Case for Returning Tech”


Making IG Stories with Photoshop!

I’m a creative person by nature, and find new and interesting ways to keep busy with the all of the tech I have laying about. One example I would like to present involves taking a static poster image that promotes a local carnival and give it some life. My specific goal is to format the poster for use within Instagrams Stories feature. I love to use Instagram, and have been a user since it’s introduction. I didn’t think that the IG team could out do themselves, but when they launched Stories, things got even more interesting. I still have fun posting photos, but Stories made interacting with followers so much more personal and engaging. Continue reading “Making IG Stories with Photoshop!”

Half Baked

I get bored. I get REALLY bored at times and need some kind of project to keep me from losing my flipping mind! There’s only so much Facebook, Youtube and Netflix any one person can stand, and they do anything but challenge the mind. So when a bloke posts a couple iMacs for parts on Facebook Market, I pounced!Β  Continue reading “Half Baked”

A Book, on a Nook?

Headphones and a soothing voice are what I’ve been accustomed to for years now when I attempt to get in some recreational reading/listening. Audio books have long been my method of choice simply because multi tasking, say a long road trip or a busy work schedule are made possible. Juggling multiple projects at once fits right in to a busy American lifestyle. Β Today, however, I rediscovered a past holiday gift to my daughter sitting out on a shelf collecting dust. A tech gadget that I assumed would be the least popular gift that year, as it was related to reading.Β  Continue reading “A Book, on a Nook?”

Clouded Cloud Users.

I read online today that Microsoft was going to try and compete with Google and the Chromebook. Well this sounds interesting, but I can’t help but think about how much of a mess people have already made of cloud computing. How something that was supposed to make life easier for people, somehow made things even more confusing. It certainly has introduced a whole new slew of IT style problems for me to solve, which I admit can be fun.. BUT Continue reading “Clouded Cloud Users.”

Beats my ears up, yo!

Every year, Apple puts out a new slew of awesome accessories for their hardware, and the Dr Dre Beats Solo headset caught my attention! Sleek, small and according to reviews, decent sound. They also match the MacBooks and other machines in color and minimal style. Just cracked open the box of my new Silver Beats Solo3 Wireless, so let’s see what we have. Continue reading “Beats my ears up, yo!”

Leap Mac πŸ€“

Refurbished, and made to work at full capacity couldn’t bring the 11″ MacBook back to meet my needs as a mobile tech geek. I got that kitten purring, but didn’t realize just how underpowered that little laptop was. Fans a blaze over the simplest video playback, and other little quirky behaviors made me realize that I should stop trying to cut corners, and just invest in a new MacBook pro for the long haul. Continue reading “Leap Mac πŸ€“”

It lives, but for how long?

Buying ANYTHING off of craigslist is a crapshoot for sure! There are plenty of things one can do to avoid the pit falls of buying used gadgets of course, but holy shit man, I don’t think anyone can be 100% sure they’re actually getting a good deal. TAKE FOR INSTANCE this bloody computer that I am currently typing this blog out on. Swollen battery from hell!Β  Continue reading “It lives, but for how long?”

See it through.

I love it when I come across a creative project that inspires me to volunteer my services, but hate that moment that said inspiration seems to drain completely from my mind, leaving me wondering why in the world I ever agreed to help out at all. It doesn’t take that long either! After having gathered all the tools that will be needed, and taking a step back to see the larger picture, the reality of exactly what needs to happen to bring the project to life becomes all too clear. ZOIKS! Continue reading “See it through.”